What If There Was A Simple Affordable Way To...

Substantially improve your wedding’s atmosphere at the click of a button?

Imagine the transformation when two high-powered LED uplights kick on and cast their brilliant glow over your face, your cake, or anything else you choose. At the click of a button you’d have the perfect setting and that’s how it should be, don’t you think? After all it’s your big day and you deserve to go all out. But going all out doesn’t have to break the bank and that’s why we’ve got a solution that’s helped hundreds of couples enjoy the best wedding possible.

Consider it now because when you leave this page the offer is gone for good.

2 x uplights

Wondering how to use them?

Check out the examples below. Uplights are a super simple way to light any focus area. Just switch them on, choose your colour, and pretend like you spent hours on setup when guests sing your praises. You’ll be the talk of the town and they’ll never know how simple & affordable it was.
Our little secret.

How are these epic uplights just $50?

Here’s the real secret… Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on lights you use one time then stash in some closet, you don’t buy these at all. Instead you rent them at a fraction of the total and when you’re done just bring them back. And since they’re for your wedding, we sliced the rental fee down so you save even more!

What exactly can they do?

Well, you’re in for a real treat! Not only can they highlight almost any focal point, but they come in unique colours to really set the mood. Red and green and blue combine to make almost any colour and white and UV light keep it all in check. The high-powered LED’s ensure they’re always bright and when it’s time to dance just turn the dimmer down.

Check out these images to see how uplights completely change the room.

What else can they do?

You might be aware that white glows under UV and sets the perfect midnight mood. Picture yourself gliding around the dance floor, dress twirling, photographer snapping. When it’s over you have million dollar memories for less than sixty bucks.
Plus you can pre-set the lights to change colour on their own. Set them on random or to the music’s beat. Now you have a party without an operator. Just set it and forget it and enjoy your perfect day.

And you get it all for just $50.00

The special rental rate of these two uplights is worth almost the same as the normal rental rate of one uplight by itself.

Again this is your ONLY chance to pick up not one, but two magical uplights at this price as our gift to you. When you leave this page that chance is gone. It’s your wedding and it should be perfect. Now it can be when you steal two high-powered uplights for practically nothing.

Think about it.

It’s your day.

Then make the choice you know is right for you. Click on the uplights below to book them for your Wedding date!

2 x uplights

P.S. All lighting comes with power & extension leads and all necessary equipment to get you up and running.
Rate quoted is based on a single night hire. Sunday is not charged. If you need the lights on Saturday or Sunday, pickup on Saturday and return Monday at no extra cost. Book now to secure your million dollar wedding memories today!