Lightsounds Strikes the Port Kembla Stack

For nearly 50 years the Port Kembla chimney stack has dominated the Wollongong landscape, as its spewed forth waste from the copper smelter below. Now with plans to demolish the site at a cost of $10M, local lobbying group Stack 360, plan to turn the chimney into a tourist attraction. At a height of nearly 200 metres the group are trying to stop the planned demolition of the iconic landmark. By way of example .

Light Emotion gets icy cool

The Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink has a premium reputation as one of the finest ice rinks in Australia, offering a teaching school, figure skating, speed skating and even ice hockey. When it came time to update their lighting fixtures, manager Wayne Disbery looked for a supplier that would understand the demanding nature of the environment, and one that could provide a cost effective and hardy solution to the challenging conditions. “We were keen to .