All About Lighting: A Buyer’s Guide

Make no mistake – good party lighting can make or break a memorable occasion. With the myriad of options out there, you can easily theme your party to your heart’s content at a price that won’t break the bank.
So how do you choose the perfect lights for your next killer party? In this article, we give you a rundown of why lights are so important, what you’ll have to consider, and how much you’ll need to be prepared to spend.

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Why fork out on lighting?

Good lighting can make or break the party

Regardless of whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, lighting creates that little something extra special that’ll have the party rocking. Get the lights wrong, however… and you might end up with an empty dance floor!

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Easily add a theme

Pairing lights with music to create a theme is an art form but anyone can do it. With the right lighting choices you could make a theme super convincing and add oodles of vibe to your party.
Here are some ideas to give you an idea on how you can easily get a theme going:

  • Create a deep sea theme with some cool blue effect lighting, and pair it up with a water effect machine and some chilled house music for a loungey social event.
  • Get the crowd glued to the dancefloor with a laser pack, a bunch of LED lights and a fog machine to boot.
    Many of our lighting effects have the awesome capability to synchronise their

Still undecided? Why not come into the store and have your own private little demo?

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Your photographer will thank you for it

Photographers crave good lighting. Proper lighting will ensure that your photographs turn out looking amazing, so do yourself (and your photographer) a favour and get some lights!

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Consider lighting for different stages of the party

It’s important to consider different styles of lighting for different times of the night. A strobe light, some LEDs and some wild lasers may be perfect for when the party is in full-swing, however it probably won’t really be conducive to a welcoming environment let’s say, at 6pm.
To avoid having to use your boring hallway lights for the early hours of the party, consider adding some stylish mood lighting like slow colour changing cans, water waves, a bar wash or even a mirror ball. These are subtler in their energy but add endless amounts of vibe to a party. This will create a fantastic atmosphere for the early stages of the night and will help to get your guests in the mood for more.

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