I can’t find the theme I am after for my event.

The themes listed for weddings and events are suggestions based on popular ideas. Our team, using our wide variety of lighting equipment can generally put together any theme you desire. Simply speak to the store you are hiring from and they will be able to help put together any theme you chose.

Why do hires cost more in December?

December leading up to Christmas and New Years’ Eve is our busiest time of year. In order to ensure the smooth running of hire operations and to cover extra costs in serving customers, maintaining hire equipment, making more equipment available as needed it is necessary to pass on extra charges as needed.

Why can’t I finalize a hire booking online?

Hires are based on pick up from a specific store. As stores do not all carry the exact same hire equipment and availability can easily vary from store to store, you will be contacted by the store you chose to pick up from to finalise a hire booking. The store you chose will be sent an email outlining the gear you intend to hire. No hire is confirmed until you have communicated with a .

I am not sure which product to chose?

If you would like to know more about what a product does or if a certain product would be best suited to your requirements, then please contact us to discuss your needs. You may use the live chat option or simply send us a message and we will contact you back with answers to your query. (Contact Us) Furthermore, if you are unsure of what product or products will suit your needs, then feel .

Do all lights come with lamps?

Most lighting products that are not LED based these days come with what we call a “courtesy lamp”. These lamps are generic lamps, which are included for the sole purpose of having you up and running straight away, but lamp life cannot be guaranteed. You should always buy extra lamps for lighting products that require lamps so as not to be caught out in the event a lamp blows.

Do all stores have the same stock?

Due to the incredibly large product range Lightsounds offers it is impossible for any store to have all items in stock. Lightsounds Mega Stores will have the majority of the product range in stock while Franchises or independently owned and operated stores particularly in regional areas may only carry representative stock.

Can I pick up my order at a store?

Yes you can, but you need to inform us first if that is your intention as web orders are shipped from our Sydney warehouse. In this case, the freight charge will be retained to cover the cost of both administration and getting your order to a store in the event they did not already have the stock.

What does “back order” mean?

“Back Order” means that we do not have the product in stock and are unable to supply the product within a few days. Items on back order may be out of stock for varying periods of time, which may run into months. Customers will be notified if this is the case with an item they have ordered on back order. Unless the customer chooses otherwise, items on back order are automatically supplied once they .