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LSC Maxim MP (PatPad) 24/48 Lighting Desk

LSC Maxim MP (PatPad) 24/48 Lighting Desk


Product Description

The maXim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. Our Maxim MP has 48 faders and can operate 24 fader channels in normal mode and 48 in wide mode. The PaTPad moving light controller further extends the capabilities of the maXim console with features such as palettes, groups, presets and an effects engine.

Pat Pad Features:
*Uses a touch-sensitive Pad for control.
*Each fader becomes a fixture controller.
*Full LTP control of fixture parameters.
Individual selection buttons for up to 24 parameters.
*Six Virtual wheels for adjusting fixture parameters.
*One Rotary wheel for fine adjustment.
Provides Groups, Presets, Palettes and Filters.
*Versatile Effects engine works across any combination of fixtures.
*Store a complete look or just the effect.
*Up to 128 templates can be stored in the console.
*Over 800 templates for fixtures available on this website.
*Write your own fixture templates using our PC program.
Fully retrofittable to MAX/L, MAX/XL or MAX/XXL (standard in MAX/MP).


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