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Golden Elegance

Golden Elegance

$840.00 $499.00

Golden Elegance

Product Description

Golden Elegance

A wedding reverberating with passion, steeped in elegance, with a deep undertone of luxury and more than a suggestion of royalty? If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! Our Golden Elegance wedding package is the perfect way to set the stage for a classy, timeless wedding that will truly represent you and your uncompromising style.

The price listed includes both setup and delivery for a full wedding package: powerful flat cans in amber and crimson red, multi-coloured LED bars, sound active lighting effects, and a fogger. *

Colour combinations used here are only suggestions. You may decide your own colours.
Equipment included in this package are:

12 x Uplights amber/ crimson colour combination

2 x Coloured Bar Wall Wash Lights

2 x Sound active Lighting effect for the dance-floor

1 x Medium Fogger

Amber and Crimson Red Uplights

These powerful floodlights will beam a continuous display of amber and crimson on the walls and ceiling of your wedding venue, clothing the place in royal splendour. We can also help you personalize your setup to highlight feature items; for instance, the cake.

Have a look at the video below for an example of these lights projecting up onto the walls of a wedding venue for a beautifully majestic effect.

Sound Active LED Bars

Especially effective during dances, these sound active LED bars are also typically focused up on a wall; and will display a continuum of bright, ever-changing colours that keep time to the music.

Sound-active Lighting effects

Ever thought it would be cool if the lights danced with you to the beat of the music? Stop daydreaming, here you’ve got your answer! Your snowflake wonderland wedding dances wouldn’t be complete without these sound activated lighting effects; lights which dance along with your cruising pairs when the music blares out.

Medium Fogger

This is a professional-quality fog machine will fill your wedding venue with a romantic misty ambience. No dull grey coldness here; this fog will enhance the effects of your special effect lights and adds a touch of mystical dreaminess to the elegance of your display. If you’d like, you can even add a special scent that means something to you; ask us for details.

* This charge applies to locations in the immediate territory of the store (around 7 km) and based on locations that do not have any access and parking restrictions. It also applies to delivery, setup and pickup done during normal working hours 9-5 Mon to Sat, excluding public holidays. Please let us know your venue and time requirements so we can ensure you are being quoted the most accurate cost for your situation.

Effect photos and videos are shown for guidance. You may have your lighting set up as per your requirements and floor-plan.

All hires are subject to availability so please check with your local store for your specific date requirements.

If you would like for one of our operators to stay on-site to control the lighting and fog equipment, we would be more than happy to quote on the cost depending on your set up. This is especially helpful if you would like the lighting and effects to change during the evening or to perform different functions at different times of the event.


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