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Wolfmix W1 – Standalone DMX Lighting Controller


Wolfmix W1 – Standalone DMX Lighting Controller


Product Description

Wolfmix W1 is a standalone performance DMX lighting controller designed for creating light shows on the fly without a computer. A toolbox of FX modules, music sync, and up to 4 DMX universes – packed inside robust hardware with a powerful processor. Choose from 1000’s of light fixtures, or build your own directly inside the controller. Whether it’s for a live performance, disco, club or show – Wolfmix has you covered.

Mix up to 16 colours into a Rainbow, Sparkle or Light Fever effect. Wolfmix will apply the effects to the light’s colour channels including: RGB, Amber, White, UV, or CMY. For light’s without colour mixing, the effects can be applied to a fixed colour wheel.

Create moving patterns on Scanners and Moving Heads. The Move FX module includes Pan, Tilt, Circle, and a sweeping Magic Carpet. Fan the light beams and move the centre point of a pattern to play up to the sky or down below on the stage.

Chases, waves and heartbeat dimming effects can be created with the Beam FX module. Effects are applied to colour channels, or for lights without colour mixing- the dimmer or shutter channels. Create custom patterns with the Step Sequencer.

  • 4.3″ Colour TFT with tinted glass
  • Capacitive touch
  • Full body alloy
  • Incremental push with acceleration
  • 37 Silicone buttons with matt oil finishing
  • LED colour backlit
  • 220Mhz CPU with ARM core
  • 8MB RAM
  • 16MB Flash
  • Omnidirectional electret mic
  • 3.5mm Jack Line-In
  • Analog adaptive peak detector
  • 2x 3pin DMX OUT XLR connectors
  • 1x 5pin DMX OUT XLR connector
  • 1x 5pin DMX IN/OUT XLR connector with WLINK
  • USB-A connector (MIDI / MSD)
  • USB-B connector- 900ma required (USB3 rating)
  • High-speed USB communication
  • ABS Plastic
  • Powder-coated steel base plate with 100mm VESA (M4 6mm max)
  • Powder-coated steel reinforced back plate
  • 195 x 220 x 62 mm
  • 1070g


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