Lightsounds sponsoring Tectonic Light Walk at VIVID

Tectonic Lightshow

Lightsounds is proud to sponsor the exhibition “Tectonic” as part of the annual Vivid Light Walk held in Sydney. Australian artists Sean Virili, Justin Hartany, Matt Fung and Jamie Bastoli created the impressive and sustainable lighting installation using 1500 upcycled PET bottles and 150 liters of tonic water. The quinine in the tonic interacts with invisible ultraviolet rays which results in a brilliant blue glow, eerily similar to bioluminescent creatures from the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean.

Relying on the surrounding environment to create movement, the sculpture oscillates and undulates in the wind, allowing for a meditative and beautiful display. No power is needed to move the luminescent form, it creates a striking spectacle in the sky, seemingly floating and swaying in the night air.

The installation was made to be fully sustainable, as such, all materials used are either fully recycled or are biodegradable. In order to keep the piece eco-friendly, Ultraviolet LED technology was incorporated and powered by Lightsounds.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Sydney, you can catch the Tectonic light installation from between 6pm – 11pm at Kendall Ln, The Rocks till 18th June, entry is free to all.

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