Our Hire Money Back Guarantee To You

Money Back Guarantee

If your rental equipment was faulty or did not perform in the way it was meant to, which is very rare, we will refund your Hire fee for that equipment or if you prefer will give you a credit towards your next hire.

Please ensure you contact our after-hours support crew to trouble-shoot the problem so we can try to help you as much as possible in getting things working and to ensure your event is a success.

Our priority is to to see your event go smoothly! We would love to see you raving about your experience and recommending Lightsounds to all your friends!

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!


After Hours Support

To make sure we take care of you and to make sure you are totally satisfied with your experience with Lightsounds we have a policy of After Hours Support.
The equipment is tested with you at the point of pickup to ensure it is functioning well, however sometimes people might find some equipment confusing and need a helping hand.

You can contact us every day from 8 am to 8 pm if you are having trouble setting up your equipment or feel that it is malfunctioning in any way. We always recommend to set the equipment up for the event as early as possible to avoid any pressure on you close to the event and any risk in case you need help.

The phone number to contact for support is our normal store phone number. That will automatically divert to the store manager or the person in charge of the after hours support at that time.

We will try to help you resolve the issue over the phone, which is usually successful in resolving most matters.

If there is a critical equipment failure we will try our best to arrange a replacement unit depending on your location or at the very least we will refund the hire fee for any faulty equipment.