PARBAR Light Show Effects

The right lighting creates the perfect mood

Be it for an intimate gig or a dominating stage presence, lighting adds all the special touches that makes you stand out from the rest.

Don’t think you can afford an awesome lighting setup?

Great lighting is no longer reserved for elite musicians, you don’t need to have a road crew or a Katy Perry budget to create dramatic and impressive lighting. You can get the lighting of the pros with Light Emotion Par Bar LED lights.

Why choose Light Emotion Par Bar LED lights over other options on the market?

  • Affordability. The cost of buying 4 seperate lights is far greater
  • Other lighting options do not include a carry case or a light stand
  • Easy foot controller. Be in charge of your own lightshow!
  • Perfect for mobile musicians
  • Easy to setup and transport
  • Can be setup in only 60 seconds
  • Includes a road-ready carry case
  • Real portability for performers on the move
  • PARBAR Light Show

    Control your show your way and invest in quality lighting now.
    Check out the two options available for the serious performer: