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One Venue increased its revenue by 4000% through theming


Can You Do The Same?


    It’s called Tony’s Restaurant and is located in Disney World, Florida.

  • Originally, it was just an ordinary Italian restaurant in the middle of Disney World. Revenue wasn’t too great, so Disney waved their magic wand and with a bit of imagination, the Lady-and-the-Tramp-themed Tony’s Restaurant was transformed.
Tony's Restaurant

In the first week after the transformation, the restaurant was turning 4000% of its previous revenue!

And it continued to grow from that point onwards!

Tony's Restaurant

    So why does theming work so well?

  • According to a study by Eventbrite and Harris Interactive *, customer spending on experiences has increased by 70% since 1987. The study also shows that 78% of millennials would rather purchase an experience than an item or product.
  • Some would argue that going out for a meal in its own right is an experience. But unique Venue themes go the extra mile by adding entertainment.
  • Some experts believe guests are craving experiences because they want to share stories and photos on social media. Having a unique theme gives people something to brag about, promoting your Venue in the process.
  • Now, while most of us don’t have a Disney budget to make awesome transformations like Tony’s Restaurant mentioned before, there are certainly things you can do to attract attention and use theming to promote your Venue at a fraction of the cost.
Tony's Restaurant

Here are some of the Halloween themes that we have helped our clients create in the past…

This time, WE’RE giving you the decorations all for free! It’s like Halloween-in-a-box!

Create a spooky Halloween atmosphere and get a
LOT more curious patrons into your Venue!

Get these AWESOME life-sized Halloween decorations


1x Spider Web - 8 Spiders

Spinder Web

Measures approximately 6 meters in diameter.

1 x Hanging Monster, Large


Measures approximately 2 meters height

2 x Glowing Eyes - Assorted

Reading Kids

2 x Creepy Crawlies - Assorted


If you buy this spooky

Halloween lighting package..

4 x Light Emotion VIVID0312

Compact LED Par Can 12 X 3W RGB 3-In-1 LED, DMX.

colour changing lights that automatically fade between the different colours and

Red light
Green light
Purple light
Dance floor light


4 x Light Emotion VIVIDUV

4 x UV (ultraviolet)

lights that make white things glow!

Compact LED UV Wash With 12 X 3W UV LED, DMX.

Purple light
Search light
  • The package comes complete with all the cables to connect the lights together and is super easy to get up and running.
  • So once you connect the colour-changing lights together they will all run through the same colour sequence at the same time so the whole venue changes colour at the same time.
  • You can put these colour-changing lights around your venue wherever you’d like.
  • Place them on the floor in different places around the venue pointing up at the walls or at the Halloween decorations or any features you have in your venue that you’d like to highlight.
  • If you’d like to install them on the wall or ceiling for example, that is also easy to do but ideally would be done by your local installer or electrician.
  • There’s no tricky electrical connections needed here as these lights are plug-and-play. So it’s up to you how and where you use them.
  • The 4 UV lights (ultra-violet blacklights) can be pointed at the Halloween decorations especially any white ones like the spiderweb, skeleton or the glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlies. These items will glow when UV lights are pointed at them and will look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
  • So, when you buy this package of 8 lights (4 coloured and 4 UV, including all cables) it will come FREE with the Halloween decorations shown above WHILE STOCKS LAST.
Light Effects

Only a limited number of the Halloween decoration packages were allocated to this offer,

Lighting package including FREE Halloween decorations

Click ADD TO CART now to buy your 4 coloured mini lights, 4 UV mini lights, all the necessary cables and the bundle of FREE Halloween decorations. All for only $629!

Why not add some more pizzazz??

Put a few of these flame lights around the place to get that ‘dark ages’ look:

What about a bit of fog??

It’s not scary enough without the fog, right?

Wireless Fogger with 5L Fog fluid

Wireless Fogger

Fog Product

Only $129.00

  • This fog machine doesn’t automatically fog up the whole place (unless you want it to) because it has a remote control which allows you to just put out a bit of fog every now and then.. just to keep the atmosphere right..
  • Don’t worry, fog is perfectly safe and doesn’t leave any residue or cause problems for asthmatics. Besides, you’re only putting out a burst or two every now and then so it can’t really hurt anyone!
  • Just keep it away from your smoke alarm to avoid any unexpected alarms..
  • This package includes the Fog machine and some fog fluid which you will need to generate the fog effect' (Don’t worry, fog is perfectly safe and doesn’t leave any residue or cause problems for asthmatics. Besides, you’re only putting out a burst or two every now and then so it can’t really hurt anyone!)
Want to add some more colour and movement and maybe even get in the dance mood? Easy!

This cool dance effect will spread colourful beams around the place and right in time with the beat of the music too! Plug-and-play! Really easy to set up and run!

Dance Light
Dance Light
  • It also has a laser effect built in so you’ll get the best of all disco effects all in one.
  • This light works wonders especially if you decide to also get a fog machine. It will add sharp colourful beams that cut through the fog and looks just incredible..

Let’s get this Halloween party started!!!

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