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50 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding for under $100

It’s your big day. Your once in a lifetime. Today, you and your spouse are the hero and heroine of a fairy-tale; and everything is all about you. You may be up to your ears in wedding plans; simply trying to figure out how to arrange a basic, fool proof ceremony and reception often seems overwhelming enough. But is a bland wedding really what best reflects you? Maybe not.  Here are 50 creative ideas .

Hotseat: Angei Malak (Bassdrop, Chinese Laundry)

Hi Angei! For those who don’t know you please tell us a little about yourself and your promoting career thus far? I’ve always been a person who liked to have parties, ever since I was a teenager really. I come from an Egyptian/Lebanese background where hosting guests and having parties is a very important part of our culture. Hosting parties is something I’ve been brought up around so naturally doing parties of my own .

The Key to Getting the Speeches “Right on the Night”

Public speaking, according to recent studies is the number one fear amongst most people.  No wonder that those who master it stand to earn so much money. Stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “Most people would rather be the one in the box than the one giving the eulogy!” To be a successful DJ, there are certain forms of public address you have to perform. But take heart.  These aren’t state of the .

Shoot from the hip and win your audience over

Ad-libbing is the art of improvising.  It reflects the ability to spout words and phrases in a natural and spontaneous way. It is truly these ‘off the cuff’ remarks that separate the professional speaker from the amateur. An excellent way to develop this talent is to practice off the cuff speaking at home. Choose a topic and just speak freely for half a minute.  Take a short break, find another topic and speak again .

Hit the Right Note – Ways to Improve Your Voice

Just like your clothing and stride, your voice is something people will use to judge and decide whether or not to hire you. They will use it to assess whether they think you are boring, arrogant, intelligent, ditsy, confident, authoritative, bitchy, kind or meek.  Your voice is laced with various aspects of your personality and people read these (often subconsciously) in order to make judgements about you. So it’s important to ask yourself, “What .

Communication Skills – a DJ’s Best Asset

  Masses of books have been written on this topic and rightly so.  In this day and age communication skills are vital in nearly every field of human endeavour.  In fact, if you look at what employers across industries are looking for in a prospective employee, things like qualifications and technical skills very often take a back seat to communication skills. This is especially true in a people oriented field like the entertainment industry.  .