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Keep Fogging – Tips for keeping your fogger performing at its best

Fog machines are prone to clogging due to the thick consistency of the fog fluid and the high temperature at which it vaporizes. Should your fogger be exhibiting decreased output compared to normal, cleaning should help. Low quality fluid, or additives such as fog scents and colours may clog a fogger’s heater block and decrease performance. And like any type of professional equipment, foggers need regular maintenance. So by cleaning your fogger you will .

Give your next event the X-FACTOR with Antari’s Z1520 Vertical Fogger!

If you’ve ever wanted to add pyrotechnic effects to your gigs, the Antari Z1520 will give you that effect without messing around with special permits, pyrotechnic gear or gas cylinders. The Z1520 is a vertical fog machine that shoots fog 5m into the air, and lights it up using 22 red, green and blue LED lights. When used in multiples, the effect is just as good, if not better, than what you might see .