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How To Pick The Right DJ Mixer

With so many different brands, models and price ranges available in the market, picking the right mixer might seem a little overwhelming. We’ve compiled a handy buyer’s guide that simplifies the process so you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong mixer. How many turntables/CD players are you planning to mix on? A ‘channel’ allows you to mix from one source to the other, so two is the required minimum. The more channels .

Front of House 101: Power on/off

Power on/power off. Sounds simple enough right? Truth is, you’d be surprised at the number of times engineers slip up and short-circuit equipment. So what causes those annoying pops and clicks? Well when gear is switched on, an electrical charge pulses through incredibly quickly (called a spike). If the speakers are accidentally left on, that spike going to be amplified and you’re going to get a loud THWACK to the face (possibly from the .

Acoustics 101: Getting Your Speaker Placement Right

There’s a sad but evident truth to buying expensive, high-end monitors: they’ll only sound as good as your room. But for this article’s sake, let’s say you’ve already got your room sounding fantastic (for a full article on getting your room to sound great, click here). Now, all that’s left is the matter of how to position your speaker setup so that you achieve the best listening position possible. Let’s dive in, shall we? .

5 Cardinal Rules Every FOH Engineer Should Follow

Much like the musicians themselves, the job of every FOH engineer is to deliver an unforgettable live gig experience. It never hurts to develop a repertoire of great engineering habits, so here are 5 cardinal rules every FOH engineer should practice and preach. Control the bass You’ve got to remember though that very few genres require earth shattering sub-sonic frequencies! It’s a common pitfall for engineers to go overboard and swamp their mixes with .

Say What? Use Your Voice to Command a Room

Have you been in the presence of someone who can really command a room or a crowd?  Think of some of the great speeches in history such as Martin Luther King’s “I’ve been to the top of the mountain” speech.  Do you think he would have engaged the crowd as much if he mumbled? One of the most serious voice problems I encounter in DJs is the failure to clearly articulate words.  This ordinary .

Communication Skills – a DJ’s Best Asset

  Masses of books have been written on this topic and rightly so.  In this day and age communication skills are vital in nearly every field of human endeavour.  In fact, if you look at what employers across industries are looking for in a prospective employee, things like qualifications and technical skills very often take a back seat to communication skills. This is especially true in a people oriented field like the entertainment industry.  .

Want to see the package everybody is talking about?

You have to hear this to believe it! Sure – there are hundreds of different models of speakers with many different features to choose from these days – but if you’re looking for something that simply does the job and sounds great doing so then consider a pair of passive 15’s with an amp. Why? Many will say that passive speakers produce better sound quality and that by having a separate amplifier you take .