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Lightsounds sponsoring Tectonic Light Walk at VIVID

Lightsounds is proud to sponsor the exhibition “Tectonic” as part of the annual Vivid Light Walk held in Sydney. Australian artists Sean Virili, Justin Hartany, Matt Fung and Jamie Bastoli created the impressive and sustainable lighting installation using 1500 upcycled PET bottles and 150 liters of tonic water. The quinine in the tonic interacts with invisible ultraviolet rays which results in a brilliant blue glow, eerily similar to bioluminescent creatures from the deepest, darkest .

Hotseat: Angei Malak (Bassdrop, Chinese Laundry)

Hi Angei! For those who don’t know you please tell us a little about yourself and your promoting career thus far? I’ve always been a person who liked to have parties, ever since I was a teenager really. I come from an Egyptian/Lebanese background where hosting guests and having parties is a very important part of our culture. Hosting parties is something I’ve been brought up around so naturally doing parties of my own .

Lightsounds lights up the Scots College

“Lightsounds tailored an installation to our space and budget and it worked perfectly. We have engaged Lightsounds to resource our school film festival for 4 years. Every year they exceed our expectations.” Gareth Dyer, Acting Head of Stevenson Library   The Scots College is one of the oldest and the most reputable boys’ schools in Australia. Scots is a non-selective Presbyterian GPS boys’ school for day and Boarding students.