The revolution in jukebox technology — Hire it now!

Controlled by your party-goer’s smart phone, eJukebox is the latest in jukebox technology that has just launched in Australia, designed in Australia, for Australians. eJukebox is available to hire from Lightsounds Sydney City and Lightsounds Kingsgrove right now, just in time for party season! The revolutionary eJukebox is the smallest and lightest jukebox on the planet combining the latest state of the art technology in a super portable tablet to meet the expectations of today’s tech savvy crowd.

Simply by scanning a QR code or entering in a webpage URL in your smartphone’s browser, everyone at the party can access the request portal which has vast archives of hits from golden oldies to this week’s latest top rated tunes, all at the touch of a finger. The request portal is mobile bandwidth friendly and accessed over your existing 3G/4G cellular internet connection.

As the hirer, you have complete control right at your fingertips using the totally wireless 7″ eJukebox tablet device within 100 metres of the speakers. You can:

· Control the volume
· Change tracks
· See all your guest’s pending requests that they have requested from their smartphones
· Delete requests
· Play/Pause/Stop

Choose from over 7000 commercial pop songs coving a wide range of genres and styles, then add them to the playlist without even leaving your chair – although with music of your choice streamed into any level of sound your crowd requires, we doubt you will be able to stay off your feet!

· Remote control of the music from anywhere at the venue* including controlling the volume
· Know exactly when your song will be played and the position in the queue
· Use your very own smartphone to request songs – no app required!
· Everyone can request songs simultaneously
· Every pop song that a commercial radio station has
· No need to be anti-social by standing in front of a jukebox for hours looking at the music
· Radio quality music mixing, songs are played back-to-back
· Real-time automatic volume levelling to ensure every song sounds like a million dollars

Give the team at Lightsounds Sydney City or Lightsounds Kingsgrove call today to find out how eJukebox is the very best solution to get your party started – your way!

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