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If you’re serious about making money in the DJ industry, weddings are ideal. People are usually willing to pay a high fee to guarantee quality entertainment at such an important event and the mixing work is often very easy.


Whilst it IS possible for you to be just a DJ at the wedding reception (most people are), once your interpersonal skills are honed you should also think about offering your speaking services as an MC (Master of Ceremonies). Not only can you double your earnings, you save the client having to depend on two separate people for their entertainment. This can be a very valuable selling point when it comes to convincing a potential client that you’re right for the job.

As we are discussing people skills here, in the next few sessions we’ll be talking mainly about wedding procedures and the MC/speaking tasks involved. Whilst we’ll also describe the appropriate music for each stage, we’ll save any in-depth discussion of how to mix and perform for another series.

The DJ/MC generally begins their involvement with the wedding at the reception. This is the first opportunity a couple has to mix with their guests as husband and wife. It’s the task of the DJ and / or MC to ensure that the reception flows smoothly by executing an even transition between various events throughout the evening, so it is essential that you are familiar with the wedding reception procedures.


The biggest mistake you can make is to be late for any function.  Nowhere are first impressions more important than at a Wedding Function.  Also, it goes without saying that your appearance must be immaculate and formal (not semi-formal, as many DJs believe). This entails a bow tie (or at least a tie), dress shirt and formal pants, all of which should be pressed and spotless.  You might not think much of that small sauce stain on your sleeve but your paying customers will. As already discussed, presentation is crucial.


Be ready and waiting to meet the Bride and Groom at the front of the function centre if necessary. If photographs being taken first, escort the Bridal party to the designated area.


The equipment must be set up, checked and ready to play before you greet the Bridal Party and BEFORE the guests have arrived.

Arrival of Guests – Pre Dinner Cocktails

The sequence of the arrivals (Bridal Party and guests) may vary with each function. Usually, the guests arrive about half an hour prior to the Bridal Party.  Upon the arrival of the guests, pre dinner cocktails are usually served.

MUSIC: Pre-dinner or cocktail Music is usually played at this time. This should be something smooth and relaxing along the lines of:

–       “Yellow” – Coldplay

–       “Wonderful Tonight” – Eric Clapton

–       “It’s Love” – Jill Scott

–       “Sweetest Thing” – U2

–       “Better Together” – Jack Johnson

–       “Outstanding” – The Gap Band

–       “Alright” – Jamiroquai

–       “That’s Where It’s At” – Sam Cooke

–       “Is This Love” – Bob Marley

–       Our Day Will Come – Amy Winehouse

–       “L-O-V-E” – Nat King Cole

–       “Quando, Quando, Quando” – Michael Buble with Nelly Furtado

–       “Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles

–       “By Your Side” – Sade

–       “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” – Stevie Wonder

–       “That’s How Strong My Love Is” – Otis Redding

–       “Lost Without You” – Robin Thicke

–       “Cruisin” – D’ Angelo

–       “Your Song” – Elton John

–       “Lowdown” – Boz Scaggs

–       “Breezin’” – George Benson

–       “That’s the Way of the World” – Earth Wind & Fire

–       “You’re All I Need to Get By” – Marvin Gaye (also see new version GLEE)

–       “What a Fool Believes” – The Doobie Brothers

–       “I Know You, I Live You” – Chaka Khan

–       “You Are the Best Thing” – Ray Lamontagne

It’s a good idea to record your own mixes for Cocktail and Dinner music so that you can allow yourself a break at that time and where audience participation is not as critical as other times of the night.



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