Feel the Party Bass

For an earth shaking experience why not add a SUB to your audio system? SUBs sound fantastic when used to play dance music OR rock music because the overall sonic experience is enhanced by the super low frequencies. It's not so much you can hear these frequencies... you can FEEL THEM! The new T SUB is 75% louder than its predecessor with 1400Watts of peak power on offer.

Pair up with a Typhon or Tourus top box for a full range system. The speaker pole allows them to be arrayed vertically making them ideal for either side of a DJ booth or rock stage.* 


TSUB Packages Available


Add Ons:
Use an extension pole to mount top box on top of the Sub. Or add another top box for wider "stereo" coverage. Have top boxes on speaker stands left and right with the Sub in the middle. Or run two of these systems left and right for massive sound from a highly portable system. Protective padded bags available. Cables available.


*Speaker poles, covers & signal leads sold separately.

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