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Event Lighting Party – New Product Line

Our latest products just landed under the new Event Lighting Party line. The range currently includes the following items: VIVIDBAR2 - This is a compact wash bar with lighting stand and IR Remote. There are 24 x 4W RGBW LEDs with a 25 degree beam angle. This allows you to create an instant light show and use on-board modes through the menu or IR remote. VIVIDSTARTER - This is our party starter! This lighting .

NEW LED Followspot

The new Light Emotion Pro LED follow spot represents a break through in powerful LED technology, at a price point that is affordable for small to medium sized theatres and venues. With a variable 1-9 degree beam and intuitive control surface it's got your stage covered - with simple push button colour changing, and 3 sliders controlling colour temperature, dimming and iris adjustment. THE LEDFS300 follow spot emits a variable narrow beam with a crisp edge, .

Bring Back the Biff! It’s State of Origin time!

If you manage a pub or a club why not give your clientele the best Origin viewing experience by hiring Audio Visual gear from Lightsounds. ꜛ Call today they can even deliver and set up the gear! (02) 9560 0300 . (02) 9357 1771 . (07) 4952 2799 . (07) 3852 5566 . (07) 5597 2869 . (02) 4226 1177 .

Light Emotion Flat Wash Lights

Light Emotion flat wash lights are compact, light weight LED fixtures which produce bright coloured light. With a beam width of 40 degrees, this product will be at home in a range of wash applications including flood lighting for bands, stage and retail displays.  The FLAT PAR lights are proven in the field with an extremely low failure rate, powercon connectors and sold with 2 years warranty. These lights come with a double yoke .

Have we been paying too much for our Mics? – Review by Wayne Cheary

Have we been paying too much for our Mics? Review by Wayne Cheary I have questioned this since Rode had their “buy one top end mic and get one general purpose mic for $1.”sale.  My Rode $1 mics are brilliant, still use them alongside the industry stalwart Shure SM58. LSW made me aware of a new release from Wharfedale, the DM57 and DM 5.0pro mics at crazy low prices. So I bought .

EOFY: How Does Instant Asset Write-Off Work?

As we steadily approach the end of the financial year it's an excellent time to think about taking advantage of the ATO's asset write off scheme. Essentially any assets purchased can be written off, meaning you don't pay company tax on them. That's potentially a big saving!  Read more about it here: Instant asset write-off: What is it and how it works ATO: Instant asset write-off for eligible businesses Additionally government institutions need to .

Get Active | Part [2]• Typhon Series Speakers

In the 2nd of our "Get Active" series, evaluating Wharfedale Pro's three active speaker ranges, let's look at the high powered TYPHON series. TYPHON is the active speaker you need for high SPL applications where you require Lots of Watts! It pairs perfectly with the T Sub for a banging full range system, use as a floor monitor, install speaker or for front of house. We all know how DJs like to push the .

Wharfedale Speaker Router

The  WPR-26  MKII  is  a  high  quality  remote  controlled  loudspeaker  switching  system  that  is  suitable  for  passive  loudspeaker  and  power amplifier comparison in retail and demonstration environments, the WPR-26 MKII helps create a perfect demo environment. Also highly convenient for creating zones in restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments. The  WPR-26  MKII is a great upgrade to make passive loudspeaker demonstrations  much  more  professional.  2  dual channel power amplifiers can be connected as sources and 6 .