Great review of Diamond Monitors by Prime Audio

David Becker, the founder of Prime Audio has published a very detailed and useful review of Diamond Studio BT7 monitors. Here is his  verdict:

"The Wharfedale Pro Diamond Studio 7-BT is a great option for musicians or content creators who are on a budget but need competent, accurate studio monitors. I’m really impressed with the overall build quality, features and sound. The added tone and volume controls allow you to easily make room adjustments or tweak the sound to suit your own personal preferences.

The addition of Bluetooth connectivity is a really handy feature too and makes it easy for people to share their mixes directly from their phones. Furthermore, it’s also a hassle-free way to simply enjoy some tunes during downtime and adds a lot of value to the already affordable price."

Please, click here to see the full review

Diamond Studio Monitors

The new Wharfedale Pro Diamond Studio Bluetooth monitors are high quality studio monitors, with the sonic detail required for intricate audio work, but they also have a Bluetooth input which allows these professional monitors to also be used in a home entertainment environment. Honest, practical and transparent audio built by Wharfedale Pro.



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