Titans 10 Years Anniversary

Did you know our Titan series has been sold for over ten years and still they are going strong. Customers know the legendary “Titan” and customers trust “Titan”

Titan Series Key Features:

  • Lightweight Active PA Series
  • DSP processing
  • Balanced XLR / Jack inputs with mic or line levels
  • Custom Heavy duty moisture-proof 8″, 12″ or 15″ LF driver
  • Proprietary Waveguide Horn designs
  • High-end Titanium HF Compression Drivers
  • Tough, yet lightweight Polypropylene molded cabinet with rubber padded handles
  • Multiple M6, M8 & M10 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Rugged protective grille and top-stacking receptacles
  • Trapezoid shape for arrays as well as stage monitor applications
  • Internal mixing functions
  • Titan Tourbags available

All Titans are IP54 certified !


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