Top 10 tips on lighting up your band or performance – Have you got the edge? (part 2)

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4. In Silhouette


Lights can be projected from behind the performer to create a silhouette adding mystery and drama to the band or musician selected. This is obviously in contrast to the suggestion shared in our previous article because it depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve. One suggestion is to start the show with backlighting (and no spotlight on the lead) and progress to lighting them up a few seconds through the performance when the music picks up. This would create a more dramatic effect and heighten the suspense.


5. Uplighting


By placing spotlights or colour changers on H-stands at the feet of the performers and shooting up at them it creates a dramatic “up-lighting” effect. This looks even better when used in conjunction with your cyclorama to create depth and intensity from the front to the rear of the stage.

6. Colour Changing

Colour changers are used to add visual excitement and to define the mood of the track. Certain colours can be programmed for specific verses while the chorus might be a flood of one specific colour. Even simple washes can look the business with the spotlights cutting through and profiling the individual performers.

Shining a different colour from one angle will add nice depth to the show and will look quite impressive as well

7. Add Fog for Effect

Fog or haze machines are used to create mood and drama and to highlight the beams of light that are being projected onto the stage. The fogger has been used as a stage effect in its own right with heavy rock bands in particular using thick blankets of fog to create intense backdrops. Types of lights used as an example are flood lights such as parcans or LED Bars.


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