CME is now cooperating with Soundtrap

Fantastic news for all XKEY users! CME announced a cooperation with Soundtrap, a new cloud-based music sequencer and digital audio workstation for collaborative music production. Soundtrap is developed by the Swedish startup Playwerk, and it is offered as a software-as-a-service using a subscription model with a generous “freemium”.

Different than many other sequencers, Soundtrap is built using HTML5 technology and it works with Google Chrome browser for Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Linux and Android OS for the MIDI input (such as CME Xkey MIDI keyboard). Soundtrap was showcased at Google’s developer conference Google I/O 2014.

Here are some major features of Soundtrap:

• With Soundtrap you make music online. You can plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song or acoustic instrument directly with your computer microphone. It’s super easy!

• Soundtrap works on Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Linux and Chromebooks. It allows you to start, edit and collaborate on your recordings wherever you are. Everything is stored in the cloud.

• With Soundtrap you don’t need to be alone in your creative moments. You can easily collaborate using the video chat and share the experience and fun with new and old friends in real-time, when making music.

CME Xkey MIDI keyboard is designed for music creation when you are on the move. With Xkey you can easily create music everywhere. It allows you to catch your music inspiration when you are away from
Your studio: at the coffee shop, on the train, at the airport or hotel. Now, when Xkey works with Soundtrap on Chromebooks, you can also easily create music with other musicians, in the cloud, using your Xkey. The new possibility takes away the barriers of geography.

Furthermore, the “Xkey + Soundtrap + Chromebook“ combination is also a great application for music education purpose. Mobility, low cost hardware platform, video chat, being cloud based etc. are all features that make music teaching easier.

Do you want to try Soudntrap Premium for free? CME is now working an exclusive offer for CME Xkey users. When you are an owner of an Xkey, please, visit the special page for Xkey users:
Register and enter your Xkey series numbers, and you will get 3 months Soundtrap Premium free of charge(value appr. USD45)

For more information about Soundtrap, please ,check this link:

For the CME Xkey information, please, check this link: XKEY


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