THE WEDDING RECEPTION: First Announcements

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  • Photographs are usually taken in a pre-arranged area at the Function Centre – make sure you know where it is and the shortest route to get there.
  • Before the beginning of the reception, co-ordinate and escort the Bridal Party and / or guests to the area where the photographs are being taken.
  • The Function Centre relies upon the MC to coordinate the photographer and to ensure that the Bridal Party enters the reception room on time.
  • Whilst the ‘final photographs’ are being taken of the Bridal Party, you will have to coordinate the timing and arrival of the guests into the reception rooms.

(The Bridal party includes the formal group that surrounds the Bride and Groom: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower girls etc)


The next step is usually to seat the guests. An appropriate time to do this is when final photos of the Bridal Party are being taken. Remind guests to remain seated until the Bride and Groom are announced to enter the reception room.

MUSIC: Soft background music should be playing at this stage. This should be music that creates a light, pleasant atmosphere without being overbearing or distracting.

STEP #4: YOUR FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT – Before the Bride and Groom Enter (MC Task) 

The first microphone announcement of the evening should be made with complete confidence.  It is essential that you capture the attention of the audience. Generally, the MC will start by saying: “Ladies & Gentleman”….(pause until you have their attention). Then,

  • Welcome the Guests and introduce yourself (by name)
  • Announce yourself as the Master of Ceremonies
  • Ask the Guests to please be seated
  • Indicate to the guests that the Bridal Party will soon enter.
  • Again remind the guests to remain seated until the bride and groom are announced.

The DJ should play nothing during these announcements.


When the Bridal Party is ready to enter, the M.C must coordinate its members:

  • Arrange the bridal party members in pairs and in order.
  • Men should be on the right hand side of the ladies, subject to the seating arrangements or any previous directions
  • Coordinate the Function Centre Staff members if this hasn’t happened automatically (discuss this with the headwaiter prior to giving directions).
  • One or two staff should be strategically positioned behind the bridal party chairs to assist with the seating of the Bridal Party.
  • Once these tasks are completed, staff are required to hold open the doors and assist with the “entrance of the Bridal Party.”

Next we cover most important entrance of them all… the Bride and Groom



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