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Fairytale Dream

Fairytale Dream

$1,385.00 $999.00

Fairytale Dream

Product Description

Fairytale Dream

This pack is the ultimate romantic wedding package we offer. It features several lighting effects and a low-lying fog machine that are sure to give your wedding that perfect fairytale look. The price quoted includes delivery, set up and pickup.*

Colour combinations used here are only suggestions. You may decide your own colours.
Equipment included in this package are:

12 x Uplights – pink / blue combination

2 x Milkyway lighting effect and laser

1 x Low Lying Fog Machine

2 x Moving Head Lights with controller

2 x Sound active Effect Lights


These are floodlights set up to project up onto walls, pylons or on feature items such as the cake. These lights are typically set up on the colours pink and sky-blue and are usually set to slowly fade between shades of those colours.

For an idea on what the flood lights are capable of, see the video below. We have also included photos above of the typical look that is produced by the flood lights as they are projected up walls.

You may elect for the uplights to not change colour or for the shade of the colours to change. That is something we can set up for you upon request.

Milkyway special effect

We also include 2 special effect laser and LED lights called the Milkyway in this pack. This is a unique and rare effect and perfectly matches the Fairytale theme.

Have a look at the video below for an idea on how that light looks like when projected onto a wall or floor. For an exceptionally ‘dream-like’ experience, project the waves of colour and laser effect onto the low lying fog during the first dance .. it’s something else!

Low Lying Fog Machine

This is a professional quality machine that produces fog low to the ground. It looks like you’re dancing on a cloud. It also adds another interesting dimension to any lighting effects you are using for the dance segment of the evening. As the light hits the smoke in the air, it become a lot more visible and you can see the beams of light in mid-air.

Moving Head Lights with Graphic

The moving heads are a great feature light as they are set up to project an image or a graphic. Available graphics are:

  • Hearts
  • Congratulations
  • Roses

You could also request your own unique customised image to be projected, which could be initials, sayings or any other graphic. This would come at an additional cost, so please discuss this option with us for more detail.

Sound-active Lighting effects

These effect is particularly suited for the dance-floor. The light beams will move and ‘dance around’ with the beat of the music, adding that great nightclub-feel to your dance-floor.

* This charge applies to locations in the immediate territory of the store (around 7 km) and based on locations that do not have any access and parking restrictions. It also applies to delivery, setup and pickup done during normal working hours 9-5 Mon to Sat, excluding public holidays. Please let us know your venue and time requirements so we can ensure you are being quoted the most accurate cost for your situation.

Effect photos and videos are shown for guidance. You may have your lighting set up as per your requirements and floor-plan.

All hires are subject to availability so please check with your local store for your specific date requirements.

If you would like for one of our operators to stay on-site to control the lighting and fog equipment, we would be more than happy to quote on the cost depending on your set up. This is especially helpful if you would like the lighting and effects to change during the evening or to perform different functions at different times of the event.


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