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Nightclub Extravaganza

Nightclub Extravaganza

$1,085.00 $699.00

Nightclub Extravaganza

Product Description

Nightclub Extravaganza

Mild pastels and quiet church music not your style? Set a modern, racy tone for your wedding with our Nightclub Extravaganza wedding package, and the blood of every single one of your guests will be boiling before the evening is out! This package includes pretty much every fancy disco light in the book, and your wedding venue will be simply bursting with light, sound, and passion.

The price listed includes setup and delivery for our full nightclub extravaganza package: lasers, sound active effect lights, strobes, flat cans, sound active led bars, UV lights, and a fogger. *

It is recommended that you have a DJ or operator with this package if you would like the different lights to perform different functions during the evening. Please talk to if you are interested in using one of our operators.

Colour combinations used here are only suggestions. You may decide your own colours.
Equipment included in this package are:

12 x Multi-coloured Floodlights

2 x Lasers

2 x Sound Active Effect lights (linked)

1 x Medium Fogger

2 x Large Strobes

6 x Sound active Led Bars

4 x UV lights

Multi-coloured Floodlights

Beaming onto walls, pylons, or feature items, these floodlights are typically set to fade between colours for an ever-changing, always-active display.

Large Strobes

These blinding strobe lights are super-powerful, and will really spice up the action in even your larger wedding venue. They can also be dimmed for a less-overwhelming effect, especially if you have limited space.


Lasers provide focused, piercing light beams that bring in a little bit of brightness and a whole lot of dash. These heavy-duty, professional quality lights are most effective when used in combination with a fogger – included in this special pack.

UV Lights

The 4-pack of UV lights included here will add an unearthly glow to your dance floor, bathing the place in transcendent white. This is especially effective when the lights are dimmed, and creates the effect of halos around everything.

Sound Active LED Bars

These sound active LED bars are typically focused up on a wall; and will display bright, ever-changing colours that keep time to the music. See the video below for an example of the effect you can expect when you have LED bars focused on the wall of your wedding venue.

Sound Active Effect Lights

These special effect lights are again particularly suited for the dance-floor. The light beams will move and ‘dance around’ with the beat of the music, bringing un-abating action and fresh vibrancy to your venue.

Medium Fogger

There’s no better way to get the full effect out of your disco light setup than by adding a fogger into the mix. This professional-quality fog machine will fill your wedding venue with a romantic misty ambience; and the smoky mist emphasizes each of your light effects and makes even the light beams visible.


* This charge applies to locations in the immediate territory of the store (around 7 km) and based on locations that do not have any access and parking restrictions. It also applies to delivery, setup and pickup done during normal working hours 9-5 Mon to Sat, excluding public holidays. Please let us know your venue and time requirements so we can ensure you are being quoted the most accurate cost for your situation.

Effect photos and videos are shown for guidance. You may have your lighting set up as per your requirements and floor-plan.

All hires are subject to availability so please check with your local store for your specific date requirements.

If you would like for one of our operators to stay on-site to control the lighting and fog equipment, we would be more than happy to quote on the cost depending on your set up. This is especially helpful if you would like the lighting and effects to change during the evening or to perform different functions at different times of the event.


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