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Front of House 101: Power on/off

Power on/power off. Sounds simple enough right? Truth is, you’d be surprised at the number of times engineers slip up and short-circuit equipment. So what causes those annoying pops and clicks? Well when gear is switched on, an electrical charge pulses through incredibly quickly (called a spike). If the speakers are accidentally left on, that spike going to be amplified and you’re going to get a loud THWACK to the face (possibly from the .

Passive or Active Speakers – What is best for me?

Unless you’re an audiophile (and you know who you are), lighting and sound systems can get pretty technical, leaving you overwhelmed and wondering if you’ve even purchased the right equipment for your school. Let’s untangle this mess, so you know exactly which type of speaker is best suited for your auditorium, or gymnasium. So what’s the best choice when considering your speaker setup? Active speakers have their advantages, yet so do power amps and .