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Front of House 101: Power on/off

Power on/power off. Sounds simple enough right? Truth is, you’d be surprised at the number of times engineers slip up and short-circuit equipment. So what causes those annoying pops and clicks? Well when gear is switched on, an electrical charge pulses through incredibly quickly (called a spike). If the speakers are accidentally left on, that spike going to be amplified and you’re going to get a loud THWACK to the face (possibly from the .

Want to see the package everybody is talking about?

You have to hear this to believe it! Sure – there are hundreds of different models of speakers with many different features to choose from these days – but if you’re looking for something that simply does the job and sounds great doing so then consider a pair of passive 15’s with an amp. Why? Many will say that passive speakers produce better sound quality and that by having a separate amplifier you take .