Wharfedale Speaker Router

The  WPR-26  MKII  is  a  high  quality  remote  controlled  loudspeaker  switching  system  that  is  suitable  for  passive  loudspeaker  and  power amplifier comparison in retail and demonstration environments, the WPR-26 MKII helps create a perfect demo environment. Also highly convenient for creating zones in restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments.

The  WPR-26  MKII is a great upgrade to make passive loudspeaker demonstrations  much  more  professional.  2  dual channel power amplifiers can be connected as sources and 6 pairs of passive loudspeakers can be connected as destinations. High power handling relays (1000W+) allow you to switch between sets of speakers without having to re-route signal cables.

An  IR  remote  control  allows  a  demonstrator  or  customer  to  effortlessly  switch  between  amplifiers  and loudspeakers  while  in  an  optimal  listening  position.  The  IR  receiver  has  a  6m  long  cable  that  enables  the equipment rack to be kept away from the demonstration area. 


• High quality 2 X 6 signal switching
• Easy to use front panel controls
• Mute button
• Input channel selector switch (A/B)
• Output channel switches (1/6)
• High quality connectors
• IR Remote control
• IR Receiver with 6m cable

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