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Bring Back the Biff! It’s State of Origin time!

If you manage a pub or a club why not give your clientele the best Origin viewing experience by hiring Audio Visual gear from Lightsounds. ꜛ Call today they can even deliver and set up the gear! (02) 9560 0300 . (02) 9357 1771 . (07) 4952 2799 . (07) 3852 5566 . (07) 5597 2869 . (02) 4226 1177 .

Business in the Front – Party in the Back!

No we're not talking about Mullets! Lightsounds showrooms are open for business whether you're wanting to talk business about the latest audio and lighting equipment, or planning to have a party. Yes we've survived Covid, floods, mouse plagues and bushfires so get into store now and chat to our friendly staff. They can help you select from a huge range of sound and audio visual gear or hire you decks, audio and effects for your .

Throw Mum a Surprise Party for Mothers’ Day!

Mother's Day is the time to make mom feel special and let her be on top of the world. It is also a day to be close to mom and have some fun together. Throwing a party lets you do all these, and with absolute ease! But it needs some careful planning and preparation to organize a successful bash. Take your party to the next level with Lightsounds. Our staff can guide you through .

Wharfedale Pro Mixers and Microphones

. Connect Series Mixers The CONNECT series are the ideal companion for small scale live performances and discreet sound installations where there simply isn’t space for a full scale mixing desk. While packing a wealth of features for mixing and recording it does so with a small footprint. The use of rotary controls as opposed to larger linear faders means space is saved to fit the mixer into small spaces even including guitar gig .

Vocal Recording Tips & Tricks: Placement

So you’re ready to record a hit, congratulations! The drums are in good shape, the bass and guitars are locking, but you’re yet to record the final ingredient – vocals. As you don’t want to waste a whole day doing vocal takes (and neither does your vocalist), how do you set yourself up so that your recordings are spot on from the get-go? Here’s a short guide on how to set up your vocal .

Recording Tips: Acoustic Guitar

There is little point trying to argue over what a ‘great sound’ is. The truth is, a ‘great sound’ is highly dependent on the style you’re going for, and every engineer and his dog will have his or her own idea of the best practices required. That being said, there are a few bases you’ll need to have covered so you can get the exact sound you’re after. In this article, we cover tried .

Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphones

If you’re in the market for your very first studio microphone, chances are you’ll run into a choice between buying a condenser or dynamic microphone. Each of them have their own set of pros and cons, and will work best in different circumstances. In this article we take a look at the differences between these two varieties and discuss which type you should be looking at for your home recording studio. Dynamic Microphones Dynamic .

3 Surefire Ways to Minimise Stage Feedback

Feedback is every live audio engineer’s worst nightmare, and it goes without saying that nobody in the crowd deserves to be subjected to an ear canal torture session. It’s your job as an engineer to ensure that never happens, so without further ado – here are 3 great strategies to help minimise stage feedback during a live performance. Position your microphones (and vocalists) correctly Ensure that you’ve correctly positioned your microphones in accordance to .

Wharfedale Pro EzGo Portable PA

Wharfedale Pro EzGo Portable PA The Wharfedale Pro EZGO is an innovative portable PA solution that is ideal for announcement, presentation and entertainment applications. EZGO is simple to use and requires no specialist or technical knowledge to stage a professional performance. Its class leading usability is matched to genuine professional audio quality. Rapid setup and near non-existent take-down times ensure that EZGO will always keep your presentation stress free and professional. Audiences of up .