THE WEDDING RECEPTION – Introduction and Dinner


Once the Bridal Party has been seated, the MC will ask everyone else to sit down.  The standard lines for this request are:

“You may now be seated,”  or  “Could everyone please take their seats.”

Then, go on to introduce the staff:

“Ladies and Gentleman, once again welcome to the (name of the function centre).  Just before the entrees are served, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the other staff members (mention them by name).

  • Banquet Co-ordinator
  • Head Waiter or Waitress
  • Disc Jockey – mention that he/she will take requests.
  • Banquet Chef

If there is anything I can do to make your evening more pleasant please see either myself or the head waiter or just make mention to any one of our staff.”

There should be no music during this part of the proceedings.


This may only apply to a percentage of wedding you have to do, but you need to know about it just in case. Wait till you have the guests’ attention and then proceed with grace (if applicable). This is usually performed by a Reverend, but there are occasions on which I’ve had to do it myself.

If this does occur, a Grace standard that you can use is:

“For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.  Amen.”

Normally though, you would introduce the Reverend:

“I have the honour of introducing the Reverend (name) who will say Grace.”

After which, say something like:

“Thank you Reverend for Grace.  I want you to know that you have the heartfelt thanks of all present for the splendid service this afternoon. I’m sure the newly wed couple sitting over there will always remember your sincere advice during the service.” (Remember, this is just a guide. You’ll probably want to personalise this gratitude with words and phrases you feel comfortable with).


Dinner is usually presented in one of two formats:

1) Formal (food is brought to the table by waiters)

2) Buffet (guests walk to a table to select their own choice of items)

In the case of a formal dinner, it’s appropriate to say something like :

“Ladies and Gentlemen, entrees are about to be served.  Thankyou.”


“I see the entrees are being served, so sit back, relax and enjoy the food.”

In the case of a buffet, be sure to advise the guests and then suggest an appropriate order for attending the tables.

For example:  “Would the members of the Bridal Table please make their way to the Buffet area and may I ask all of you to remain seated until the bridal party has been served.”

When the bridal party has returned to their seats, direct the guests:

“Would the table to the immediate left (or right) of the Bridal table please make their way to the buffet.” (use your hands to assist in giving directions)

Whilst dinner is being served, the DJ should play soft, mellow music.

Examples of Dinner music are similar to Cocktail music. They need to be relaxed and not too upbeat. See the ideas on cocktail music in our first post about weddings see

Dinner music is an ideal situation where you can pre-record the mix (say 1 hour mix) play it and relax a little, have dinner and get ready for the action ahead! You could record 2-3 versions of your own dinner music mixes per year to keep it current but can get away with less. Being trendy is not as much of a necessity for Dinner music as other times during the night.

At this point it is also customary for the MC to personally introduce him/herself to the respective parents and other members of the Bridal party.  They should also take this opportunity to:

  • Confirm messages for the couple to be with the best man. Some weddings will have video footage from remote relatives for example, make sure all such messages are discussed in advance so projectors and projection screens are ready and tested with the videos.
  • Reconfirm what speeches will be taking place and all associated details.  Who is performing the various speeches? Can you pronounce their names?
  • Reconfirm the cake-cutting with the parents.  Confirm whether the speeches are either before or after dessert.
  • Five minutes before the speeches, coordinate the cleaning of the tables and champagne pouring with the Head Waiter.

The DJ should fade the music during these announcements.


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