Want to see the package everybody is talking about?

You have to hear this to believe it!

Sure – there are hundreds of different models of speakers with many different features to choose from these days – but if you’re looking for something that simply does the job and sounds great doing so then consider a pair of passive 15’s with an amp.

Why? Many will say that passive speakers produce better sound quality and that by having a separate amplifier you take control over your PA system – this is why most venues will use passive speakers over active.

“I prefer passive speakers with an amp – it gives me better control when performing and they sound alot better than actives! Especially when singing!”

– Johnno from Balmain.

“It’s easier with a passive set up – all my controls are in one place and I can monitor if my amp is clipping and tune the sound accordingly.”

– Dean from Nunawading.

Don’t just take our word for it – visit a store and hear for yourself. Here’s a package boasting a peak power of 1600w using two Wharfedale passive TITAN15’s and an amp to match.

With a combined retail of $2,000 and a price point matching the active speaker equivalent, this is an opportunity to pick up a quality professional speaker set up that will serve you for years at a bargain price.

Want one? Buy now or visit your nearest store!

Pack price $1,249.00 (TITAN15PACK)

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